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   Mar 28


Hi again! 🙂 

Can everyone check their VSB/Office 365 email please.

  • It should be your student

I’ve created Class Teams for each of my courses. I THINK this will be the way that we will communicate & learn. I will find out more on Monday and will let you know. But for now

  • check your email and see if it asks you to accept or join or something. Then do that please
  • If you didn’t get an email, then go to Office 365. Login. Click on Teams and see if you’ve been added into a class team. 
  • Spend some time playing with Teams or watching ‘how to’ videos for Teams so you can get familiar with it. 
  • I’ve posted a message on each class team. See if you can find it and respond.
  • If you didn’t receive anything and/or haven’t been included in the Class Team, you’re not alone.
  • After our online staff meeting in Monday, I will hopefully know why some students were added and how to get everyone on.

Thanks for your patience!!👍🏽

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