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   Apr 01

Access to TEAMS

Hi all,

Quick message… I’ve received a few emails from students who haven’t been able to access Teams and/or Office 365 today who were able to access it a couple of days ago. It’s says the password or info is not correct.

So it seems that other students are also having this issue. I’m assuming it’s because the VSB IT ppl are working on TEAMS. I’m also assuming that when they’re done, you will get an email. I don’t know for sure, but if you don’t get an email, just check in again on Thursday or Friday because we were told that they were going to be working on getting our Class Teams set up until Thursday.

We have another online staff meeting today. I will ask if they have any info about your accounts.

Again, just be patient. There’s no need to worry or stress. We’re all just waiting for more info. 👍🏽😊

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