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   Mar 30

What now… update

Hello all! 

We just had our virtual staff meeting which was an informative albeit strange experience. 😯 You & your parents will be getting more info, so please check your VSB email regularly. 

As for us, we teachers will be given a schedule so we can access our classrooms and our resources tomorrow and on Wednesday. We are taking things slowly and step by staff because safety is the #1 priority. We have been asked to START to think about how will be “teaching” moving forward. Do NOT expect it to be the same, but do expect to be working on skills and learning. 💡 

If you are not on the Class Team that I created for your grade, don’t worry! The VSB’s IT people are still working on it. They are going to get all students on, but it won’t be happening today, so just be patient. If you haven’t gone onto TEAMS, please do. We have been advised to use TEAMS to communicate with students. So get on your OFFICE 365. Login. And play around with TEAMS if you can. 

If you don’t have wifi access, Telus is supposedly providing free wifi. Here’s a link that was shared – Telus wifi. If you don’t have devices that work or if you have to share with siblings, don’t worry. Everything will get figured out. 

For those who have emailed me about work/projects that are “due”, that is NOT our priority right now. Again, NOBODY has gone through this before. We need to look at the BIG picture which is EVERYONE’S well being and safety. Teachers are humans and may have health issues or have family members that have health issues. Yes, your learning is important, but BIG picture wise, everyone’s safety is more important. So again, relax, be patient. We’re all in this together – literally the WHOLE world. You’re not the only ones who are confused. 

For now, we’ve been told to focus on health & safety and to start thinking about how to resume teaching/learning. Until we get more info (we have another virtual staff meeting on Wed. afternoon), we can’t tell you what you’re going to have to do. So my advice for now is…

  1. Do as much of your work as you can. TRY your best, but don’t stress.
  2. Get on OFFICE 365 & TEAMS and see what you can figure out
  3. Online chat with your friends and classmates to see if they can help you with either your homework, or with figuring out TEAMS, etc.
  5. Keep a journal (on paper or online) of your experience during this unique time in history. BECAUSE it is VERY unique and you’ll be able to tell the story later – “When I was in high school, you know what I had to endure?!”
  6. Check out this site created by the BC Gov’t. It has a variety of resources for different subject ares. – Open School BC: Keep Learning

I hope you enjoyed this colourful post and that you’re all doing well, following the safety guidelines, and are not too bored. 🙂 Be safe and be smart when you’re reading all the info out there. Use your CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. And here’s a quote from a song that some of you might be familiar with. Ponder this… “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” J. Mitchell “Big Yellow Taxi”

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