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   Nov 30

ENGLISH 8 – 1.2/2.3

HOMEWORK: Due Mon/Tues

  1. Setting Pkg – should be totally finished now 
    1. Synonym-Simile poem (Synonym-Antonym-Simile Poem) –
      1. Write your 4 line rough copy on the lines provided. We will be checking the rough copy in class.
    2. “Fly” lyrics – read & do the Questions
      1. Watch the video and see how it connects to the lyrics especially the word “fly” & it’s synonyms – “Fly” – N. Minaj & Rihanna
  2. Setting pkg Unit Test – Dec. 9/10th
    1. Review all your flashcard terms: Setting, character, conflict, plot, other
    2. Use your notebook to review
    3. Use the 2 quizzes to practice
    4. Use the questions for both stories to help you study
    5. Go back to the videos I’ve posted on the blog to help

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