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   Nov 29

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3

HOMEWORK: Due Friday

  1. LP #19-20
    1. Simple Explanation – Independent & Subordinate Clauses 
    2. Khan Academy: Independent & Subordinate Clauses
  2. Subject & Predicate Quiz – simple & complete subject & predicates
    1. Khan Academy: Complete Subjects & Predicates
    2. Simple Subject & Predicate practice
  3. Notebook
    1. p. 34Thesis Statement Practices Flip sheets
    2. p. 30 – Jrnl #4 – HIT Intro Practice – after watching the videos, doing the practice sheets, you need to write an good intro for Jrnl #4 – Should students be rewarded for effort? Label (heading) each part of the intro.
      1. Hook: Practice one of the types of hooks
      2. background/bridge Information: lead the reader from your general hook to your topic with some more specific information
      3. Thesis statement: write a clear thesis with 3 points.

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