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   Nov 26

ENGLISH 11 – 2.1/2.2


  1. NIGHT– Bring your  Journal book to class 
  2. Read & watch the following links about CURRENT genocides & do some research of your own
    1. CBC The National: Leaked Files Confirm Mass Detention Camps
    2. CBC: The Long Reach of China
    3. HRW: UN Calls for China to End Abuses
    4. ICIJ – The China Cables
    5. ICIJ – Gov’ts Respond to The China Cables
    6. Maclean’s: Where is Canada’s Outrage?
    7. Rohingya Crisis: War Crimes Court
    8. ICC Approves Investigation into War Crimes – Myanmar
  3. NOW what are YOU (we) going TO DO about it?! Check out these organizations/sites & start researching and thinking about what YOU (we) can DO!
    1. Amnesty International: Petition Letter
    2. World Without Genocide Toolkits
    3. Freedoms Herald
    4. CPJ: Write your MP
  4. We are NOT going to be bystanders. We ARE going to SPEAK UP. The question is HOW?

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