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   Nov 18

ENGLISH 11 -2.1/2.2


  1. NIGHT
    1. Chp. 7-9 Quiz – review the key events & poetic terms (personification, symbolism, metaphor, simile, allusion, etc.)
    2. Responding: Personal Response “Human Nature” ROUGH- The topic Questions: Choose a specific scene or event (Chapter & pg. #) from the novel. Explain and discuss how it is a good example of the dark side of human nature. Then discuss the circumstances of the novel itself that overall allow for the darker side of human nature to come out. Try to be specific. You will be peer editing in class in order to make your work better, so if you don’t do a rough copy, you’re choosing to NOT get help AND not improve.
  2. Night pkg: Contemporary Classics Discussion Questions: You WILL be doing Qs #2-5 in groups (will start in class on Friday). I would recommend that you read over the questions, look up any words you don’t understand, and maybe jot down some initial answers/ideas.
    1. You will ONLY be doing ONE question for now. Here are your Question groupsBlock 2.2 & Block 2.1
      1. Q#2 Conflict- Theodore, Zanib A., Jhesly, Ria/ Hersh, Ryan, Mel, Simran, Riea
      2. Q#3 Irony- Lance, Tenzin, Faezel, Jaideep/ Richard, Jasmin, James, Nicole, Josh
      3. Q#4 Style of narration- Sam, Noor, Alyssa, Joshtyn/Nandini, Sukhmani, Mary Joyce, Simran, Jian Rey
      4. Q#5 Title as imagery – Fahim, Nazaria, Maheshinder, Zainab Z./ Stephanie, Divjeet, Sorav, Priya, Chloe

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