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   Nov 08

ENGLISH 8 – 1.2/2.3

HOMEWORK: Due Tues/Wed

  1. LP – Unit #1 – 2 Review pages & 2 Using What You’ve Learned pages
    1. Step 1: Using one colour, do ALL the questions you KNOW, skip the ones you don’t know
    2. Step 2: Using a second colour, do all the questions you skipped, but LOOK BACK to the lessons for help
    3. After doing the 2 steps for the Review, try your best and finish Using What You’ve Learned pages
  2. LP Unit #1 Test & Workbook check – Thurs/Fri
  3.  Notebook: p. 11  Impact of Setting “Autumntime
    1.  How Setting Impacts a Story – animated example
    2. How does the setting of the story (future, Brooklyn/Boston) influence or create events in the plot, conflicts in the story, and the theme?
    3. Ex. they “dial up” breakfast (plot) which is because in the future they would have this technology.
    4. Ex. The conflict is with nature (illegal yards & no real trees) because they want extreme urbanization in the future and in 2 big cities (setting). 

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