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   May 23

ENGLISH 8 – 1.2/2.1


  1. Narrative terms quiz+test= QUEST! MON/TUES
  2. The Outsiders
    1. Chp. 1 Qs
    2. Worksheet – Focus on Setting
  3. Notebook: (Block 2.1 – You handed in your notebooks, so you can either do this work on a separate page and stick it in, or you can wait and do it with your other homework next time)
    1. Block 1.2 – You will be handing in your notebook on Friday, so you can write your Tuff Talk & do the title page AND prep the rest of the notebook. 
    2. p. 43Title Page: The Outsiders – Tuff Talks
    3. p. 44Tuff Talk #1 – Setting – Remember to double space & write a proper paragraph response: Topic Sentence, PEE on it, Concluding Sentence. Use the info from your worksheet to help you with this journal. 

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