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   May 14

ENGLISH 11 – 1.1/2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Thurs/Tues

  1. “Jade Peony” – Journal #2 – 
    1.  Double spaced, pen, TAG it. – Journal #2: Considering Choy’s story “Jade Peony” and Saunders article on multiculturalism, discuss what struggles immigrants might face when trying to balance their cultural heritage with their new nationality/culture? Canada is known for being multicultural, considering the info in the article, what is your opinion on the state of multiculturalism in Canada? Is there true diversity or a diversity of “Isolated islands”? Explain and discuss your opinions. 
  2. Here are some short videos to watch and consider in terms of MULTICULTURALISM and BEING CANADIAN:
    1. How to be a Canadian 
    2. Here’s Why Everyone Wants to Move to Canada
    3. Is Canadian Multiculturalism a Myth?
    4. Canadians’ Thoughts on on Immigration & Multiculturalism
    5. Conservative MP Kellie Leitch on Canadian Values Screening
    6. Canadian Values Test Questions Analyzed
    7. Quebec’s Religious Symbols Ban
    8. Hate Crimes on the Rise in Canada
  3. Watch the video on “Jade Peony”. It highlights some of the key conflicts and themes —-> “Jade Peony” video
  4. Traditions Synthesis (compare & contrast) worksheet: In connection to TRADITIONS what are some ways that “The Lottery” and the “Jade Peony” are similar? Ex: CHARACTERS – LOTT – Old Man Warner = holding onto the past/traditions; JP – Grandma = holding onto the past/traditions, etc.

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