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   Nov 13

ENGLISH 8 – 1.2/2.1

HOMEWORK: Due Wed/Thurs/Fri/Mon

  1. LP – Unit #1 Test & Workbook collect
  2. Setting pkg – finish all similes sheets -Synonyms & Similes poem on last page AND “Blind Men & the Elephant” ANDFly” Lyrics – read & do Qs — here’s the video —¬†Fly” – N. Minaj ft. Rihanna
  3. Flashcards – 2 new cards
    1. Simile: A comparison of 2 things using “like” or “as”. Ex. She entered the room like a storm.
    2. Metaphor: A comparison of 2 dissimilar things without using¬†“like” or “as”. Ex. She was a storm entering the room.
  4. Setting pkg test – is postponed to next week – Tues/Wed – Setting pkg will be collected as well

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