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   Apr 10

HOMEWORK: Due Tues/Wed

  1. Pink Poetry Terms Sheets – Flashcards – Pt. II – #4-6
  2. Bio-poem – read the handout & fill in the chart on the back – the more ideas you brainstorm the better!
  3. Paragraph ResponseWhat is Poetry?  Good copy response.  You need to have a hook, a clear topic sentence, and several supporting details that should come from the reading (PEE on it), and a concluding sentence. PEN. DOUBLE-SPACED.  I will be evaluating BOTH your ideas AND your writing skills
  4. Watch these fun & helpful videos on poetry terms —-> Poetic Devices explained & drawn AND Figurative Language in Songs  AND Poetic Devices in Pop Songs
  5. Poetry Terms – All Sound devices – Quiz next week – Tues/Wed!

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