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   Sep 24

ENGLISH 11 – 2.1/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Wed “Hangman’s Checklist” – make sure you’ve completed the “POET” column Rankings – make sure you’ve finished all 30 rankings from several classes ago “When They Came For Me“ Block 2.2 — complete Qs #1-7  for the quote Block 2.1 – read & highlight – get started on the Qs #1-7

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   Sep 18

ENGLISH 11- 1.1/2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Thurs/Fri “The Hangman” all poem questions Read & highlight – Biography of Martin Niemoller AND Historical Context pkg Notebook- we will be writing journals for each chapter of the novel and throughout the year, so get a notebook for ALL of your journals (80-100pgs). I DO NOT WANT JOURNALS ON LOOSE LEAF PAPER. […]

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