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   Sep 18

ENGLISH 11- 1.1/2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Thurs/Fri

  1. The Hangman” all poem questions
  2. Read & highlight – Biography of Martin Niemoller AND Historical Context pkg
  3. Notebook- we will be writing journals for each chapter of the novel and throughout the year, so get a notebook for ALL of your journals (80-100pgs). I DO NOT WANT JOURNALS ON LOOSE LEAF PAPER.
  4. START reading the novel. I will be giving you the questions pkg soon & it will make your life easier if you’ve read some of the chapters already. 
  5. Here are some links to short YouTube videos – Footage from that time- connected to the novel —-> Life Before the Holocaust AND What is the Holocaust pt.1 AND What is the Holocaust pt.2 AND What is the Holocaust pt.3 AND What is the Holocaust pt.4 AND What is the Holocaust pt.5

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