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   Feb 21

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3


  1. “Lenses” – Plot graph
    1. What is Plot?
    2. Plot Structure using Aladdin
  2. Notebook: p. 48Journal #2 “Lenses
    1. Discuss – would you change, genetically or surgically, a part of yourself for your “dream” job. (This is the same topic from the debate, so you can think back to the ideas from the debate)
    2. In paragraph form – TAG, TS, PEE (3 points), CS – 
      1. You MAY use my TAG example IF you want to OR you can use it to write your own:
        1. TAG – In the story “Lenses” by L. Silverman, the protagonist, as well as many others, has had surgery on herself in order to do her job as a surgeon. 
    3. Double spaced, in pen (blue or black)

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