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   Feb 18

ENGLISH 10 – 2.4


  1. Nathalie, you will NOT be able to attend without the field trip FORM!
  2. Just Mercy” movie field trip – reminder: You are to LEAVE at the latest by 9am. You are going to INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE theaters. Be in your seats & ready to watch by 10 am. You will be back by 1:30pm at the latest.
  3. Click the link for Translink Trip Planning/Bus info:
    1. To Downtown: #8 Downtown Bus route info & map 
    2. Return to JO#8 Fraser Bus to JO Route & map info
  4. LPN #1-3
  5. Compassion essay – 2nd draft, typed, MLA format
  6. Review Literary terms– Quiz coming  VERY  soon
    1. Literary Terms in Pop Culture

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