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   Feb 03

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3


  1. Research 1 cool tech invention from 1940-1970. Take notes on what it is, when it was invented, what it looked like back then, and what impact you think it has had. Be prepared to share your invention with the class
  2. Handout – Science Fiction Short Stories Intro handout
    1. Read & highlight 1st page
    2. Read & start to think about ideas for 2nd page – DO NOT WRITE ON IT YET
  3. Watch some of the following videos to give you some ideas of WHAT IF & WHAT IT COULD BE. Get  your  imagination warmed  up!!
    1. Distopian Utopias Movie Montage
    2. 65 Dystopian Movies Mashup
    3. Amazing Sci-Fi Gadgets that ALREADY exist
    4. Futuristic Tech You Can Buy Today

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