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   Oct 31

ENGLISH 11 -2.1/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Monday

  1. NIGHT  – chp. 6-
    1. Qs 
    2. Vocab
    3. Journal #5 – Fathers & Sons
    4. Quiz – Chp. 4-6- Wed
  2. Remembrance Day assembly rehearsal – Tues. Nov. 5th – 3:15- 4pm.
    1. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE – even if you’re not on stage or making the video. Everyone in my 2 classes is participating IN the actual assembly
    2. I know some of you will be coming back from a field trip, just get to the auditorium ASAP.
  3. FAHIM, you ARE REQUIRED to come see me at lunch tomorrow/Friday. 

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