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   Oct 25

ENGLISH 8 – 1.2/2.3

HOMEWORK: Due Mon (Block 1.2)

  1. LP #3-4
  2. Notebook: p. 8 – BLT Paragraph Outline “Similarities”
    1. Look over p. 7 where we brainstormed.
    2. Choose your TOP 3 similarities & put them from weakest to strongest ideas
    3. Write your first similarity in sentence form for Point 1. Then follow it with 1-2 sentences with examples/details from the story and the song. Then fill in the other 2 points the same way with your other two similarities.
    4. You should be writing 2-3 sentences for EACH point because the middle part of the “sandwich/burger” is the best and most important part.  Just like we did for our “Why do you like Halloween” paragraph example. 

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