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   Oct 22

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3


  1. LP Unit #1
    1. Test – bring a pencil & eraser
    2. Workbook collect – make sure you’ve done ALL the lessons and exercises
  2. Notebook: p. 15 – Friendship Outline
    1. p. 13 – Consider your brainstorm as well as your group brainstorm about FRIENDSHIP. Focus & narrow down your brainstorm ideas to the strongest, clearest, and most varied.
    2. p.14 – Review the 3 paragraph essay outline sheet 
    3. p. 15 – Do your OUTLINE following the format from p. 14. Topic: What is friendship and why is it important?
      1. Intro:
        1. Hook + Background info (Aristotle) + Thesis
      2. Body: In point form 
        1. Point(s) to explain what your definition is & why
        2. Point(s) to explain why friendship is important
      3. Conclusion: 
        1. Restate thesis, connect back to intro 
    4. If your unsure about what to write for your hook or thesis. That’s okay, just try. Read the description and TRY. We will mostly be focusing on the structure and ideas in the BODY paragraph for this journal. 

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