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   Oct 22

ENGLISH 11 -2.1/2.2


  1. Remembrance Day Assembly project
    1. EVERYONE must find a quote that connects in some way to war/conflict.
      1. You must write a paragraph explaining WHY you chose the quote AND WHY you think others (ie. the rest of the school) should also know or experience the quote. 
      2. Print off your quote for me to evaluate
      3. EMAIL me your quote, so I can share it with the video producers – 
    2. If you are NOT helping with the video production AND are NOT on stage reading your poem or a quote, YOU MUST find a partner from either class and INTERVIEW SOMEONE. Be creative. Your objective is to share interesting, thoughtful, and thought-provoking ideas about war/conflict. 
      1. Ask someone IF they would be willing to be interviewed for the assembly. They will be on screen for 15-30 seconds.
      2. Give them the questions you’re going to ask IN ADVANCE
      3. Set up a time & place to do the interview that’s quiet
      4. Possible question ideas: How has war/conflict impacted your life? Why do you think it’s important to recognize Remembrance Day? Why do you think Remembrance Day is a national holiday? Why is it important for all Canadians to recognize the sacrifices made by others, especially soldiers & their families?  What do you think students should be thinking about during our Remembrance Day assembly?

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