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   Dec 20

ENGLISH 10 – 1.1/1.2

HOMEWORK: Due Friday & January

  1. Good copy of your Identity Project journal1. discuss your definition of personal identity 2. Select 5 major influences on your identity, explain and discuss with examples (ex. gender, race, culture, upbringing, schooling, etc.)  Multi-paragraph, double-spaced, 250-350 words, Times New Roman, 12 point font – MLA set up of paper – click here ===>  MLA Format info
  2. Identity Project Presentation – Jan 9th
  3. Kahoot – You and your partner(s) need to create a 10-12 Qs Kahoot quiz for the 2 readings you were assigned. Think of questions that I would ask on your test.  Use your quizzes & story Qs to help come up with good questions & accurate answers. -Jan. 9th – Please send me the link to your Kahoot as soon as you create it.  I will post them on the blog for everyone to try out.
  4. Identity Readings Unit Test – Jan 15th

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