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   Dec 16

ENGLISH 9 – 2.1


  1. We’re in SECOND PLACE (after Ms. Bassi) for the Canned Food Drive! Woohoo! So go through your cupboards and go ask you family & neighbours to donate!
  2. LP Unit #2 Test & Workbook check – Dec. 19th! If you need more practice help, come on MONDAY
  3. Poetry Terms – new flashcards – Finish the 3 terms under the Figures of Speech heading AND do all the Versification terms
  4. Kahoot! Here are some links to Kahoots to help you prepare for your LP Unit #2 Test ===> 4 Types of Sentences AND Subject-Predicate AND Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences AND Subordinate Clauses AND Independent & Dependent Clauses AND Clauses: Adjective, Adverb, etc.  AND Sentence Errors: Run-on, Fragment, Comma Splice
  5. Notebook – Start a new section.  1. Create a new title page “POETRY” 2. Create a new Table of Contents 3. Finish up the Venn Diagram prose vs. poetry 

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