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   Dec 16

ENGLISH 11 – 1.3/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Mon/Tues

  1. All Journals – #5-8 – Same as last time – in order, labelled & titled, multi-paragraph, good discussion that’s at least 1 pg double spaced, and peer edited.
  2. Narrative Presentations – Mon/Tues – Theme, Setting, & Other Techniques #2.  See previous post for helpful videos.  You need to see me before your presentation to give me your handout for photocopying and to ensure your presentation activities will all work, etc.
  3. Short Stories Unit TestWed/Thurs – 35 multiple choice Qs that will include definition of terms as well as understanding of each of the stories and application of the terms to the stories.  Ex.  What was the initiating event in the story…? or the main conflict in “Jade Peony” was? 
  4. How to study? – Review all of your story quizzes & story questions & narrative presentation notes/handouts and ensure your story notes & maps are accurately filled out because you will be allowed to reference these notes/maps in the last 5 mins of the test.  If you did them accurately they will be helpful, if you didn’t then they won’t! AND here are a few links to videosKahoots for you to watch & try out as practice tests ===>
    1.  VIDEOSSetting  AND Conflict AND  Characterization & Characters AND Plot Structure AND POV AND Situational Irony AND Dramatic Irony AND Theme AND A Variety of Literary Terms Using Disney Movies 
    2. KAHOOTS – 30 Qs – Terms & Connections to Stories AND 24 Qs Terms Only AND 35 Qs with a variety of terms

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