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   Dec 16

ENGLISH 10 – 1.1/1.2


  1. PROJECT – Due Dec. 20th- work time next class, so bring your supplies & work.  I’m going to make the JOURNAL requirement due on Dec. 22nd so you can focus on the 5 assignments for the actual project and then work on the journal separately.
  2. Characterization sheets – Dec. 18th
  3. Here are some videos to help with Characterization ==> Direct & Indirect Characterization AND Characterization & Characters
  4. Terms Quiz – Dec. 20th.  This will include narrative terms (look at your handouts) in connection to the stories.  This quiz is supposed to help you prepare for your unit test. See the Gr. 11 post for a variety of helpful VIDEOS.
  5. Identity readings Unit Test – Jan. 11th

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