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   Dec 14

ENGLISH 9 – 2.1

HOMEWORK: Due Friday

  1. LP Review – Complete the review in these steps: Step 1.  Using one colour pen/pencil and without looking back at the lessons in Unit #2, try to do as many sections and questions that you can do.  Step 2. Using a different colour pen/pencil, do the sections and questions you left, but this time look back at the lessons to remind yourself of anything you had forgotten.  This will take a bit longer because it’s in 2 steps, but after we check the answers in class, you will CLEARLY know what you fully understand, what you sort of understand, and what you don’t know at all.  This will help you study better and hopefully do better on the test.
  2. Sentence Types practice handout – this will help you review your Simple/Compound/Complex sentences
  3. LP Unit #2 Test & Workbook check – Dec. 19th!
  4. Poetry Terms – 4 new flashcards – Term #1-4 under the heading Figures of Speech.  You will eventually be doing all of the terms, so if you have extra time, you might as well create more flashcards.
  5. Kahoot! Here are some links to Kahoots to help you prepare for your LP Unit #2 Test ===4 Types of Sentences AND Subject-Predicate AND Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences AND Subordinate Clauses AND Independent & Dependent Clauses AND Clauses: Adjective, Adverb, etc.  AND Sentence Errors: Run-on, Fragment, Comma Splice

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