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   Dec 09

ENGLISH 8 – 1.4/2.3

HOMEWORK: Due Mon/Tues

  1. Character Package – “A Dream” – lyrics & Qs AND Creating Imagery worksheet. Here’s a link to the video for the song ===> “A Dream” by Will.I.Am & Common AND a link to video of  Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech ===>“I Have A Dream” speech – go to 12:20 mins for the I have a dream part.
  2. Notebook: p. 17Essay Outline: choose the 3 best & most important traits for Geraldine.  Put them in order – good, better, best point.  Fill in the 3 columns: Topic Sentence#1, #2, #3 should all be complete sentences.  Ex. Geraldine is very mature for her age or Another important trait is… etc.   The Supporting Details can be in note form UNLESS you’re using a quote from the story.  These details are your EVIDENCE of the trait.
  3. Gr. 8 letter supplies
  4. Great Canadian Mail Race – here’s the letter template, so you can get started writing a rough copy ===>Letter Writing Template

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