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   Dec 09

ENGLISH 10 – 1.1/1.2

HOMEWORK: Due Tuesday

  1. Journal #9 – Nationality/Geography & Identity: Discuss how where you’ve grown up has influenced your personal identity.  Consider your neighbourhood, city, province, country, etc.  How have these contributed to how you see yourself, how you act, what you have, what you know/skills you have, what you have experienced, who you are.  For example, we live in a city that is very diverse and natural.  Because of the diversity you have likely been exposed to a variety of cultures, languages, religions, etc.  Because of the natural environment, you’ve likely seen a variety of animals: skunks, coyotes, eagles, herons, raccoons, maybe even bears or cougars.  It is not uncommon to see an eagle flying overhead or to hear an news report of a bear going through people’s garbage.  How do you think these facts have influenced your identity.
  2. The Stranger” Qs, Lit Circle
  3. Project – get working on the good copy journals.  You need to select 5 different influences on your identity and then explain and discuss each.
  4. Project– start on your good copies!  Start on your final – 5th – project assignment that’s all your choice.

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