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   Dec 05

ENGLISH 10 – 1.1/1.2


  1. Through the Tunnel” – Lit Circle Role Sheet & Qs (from last class)
  2. The Stranger” – read, highlight, Qs, AND watch the video ===> “The Stranger” Video AND   “The Secret Path” in Schools AND Gord Downie, the Wenjak Sisters, and PM Trudeau at We Day ===> The Secret Path — Full movie ends at 46 mins & then there’s an interview & discussion.
  3. Journal # 8 – Experience & Challenges & Identity – Discuss a specific experience or challenge that impacted your personal identity.  If you don’t have enough to discuss for 1 experience/challenge, then discuss 2.  Make you you explain HOW it impacted your identity.
  4. Identity Project – In-class time Dec. 14 & 18th. Make sure you bring stuff to work on.  Project will be due Dec. 20th. 
  5. Click the Eng 10 tab above for more info: “I Am” Poem, Synonym-Antonym-Simile Poem, Letter (to self) template, Goal setting AND obituary templates.

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