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   Oct 26

ENGLISH 8 – 1.4/2.3


  1. LP – “Review” – Do in 2 steps: Step 1 – do as many of the Review exercises as you can without looking back.  Step 2 – Use a different colour & finish whatever you left blank, but now look back through the unit to help you.
  2. LP – Unit #1 Test & Workbook check – Nov. 2/3
  3. Setting Pkg – Speak to the Senses – Read the descriptive paragraph & highlight/underline all the words & phrases that use good imagery. (help you see, hear, feel, smell, taste the scene). Then choose one of the sites listed & fill in the chart using creative, descriptive language – colours, shapes, sounds, tastes, etc.  You will be using your chart to write your own scene like the theatre scene you read. Block 1.4 – write a short paragraph/scene using your chart in the space on the worksheet.
  4. Block 2.3 – narrative terms quiz – setting, plot, characters

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