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   Oct 25

ENGLISH 9 – 2.1

HOMEWORK: Due Friday

  1. Notebook: p. 19 Essay outline – Take your 3 points from your homework and create an outline similar to the handout/worksheet (p. 18).  Finish the Thesis Statement we started in class, but fill in your points.  Then write your points in note form below in 3 columns. For each point write a Topic Sentence – 3 sentences total.  Below each Topic Sentence, fill in a few Supporting Details in note form for each point. Remember, this is now for an essay not just a paragraph, so you need clear topic sentences & good, strong supporting details because each point will be it’s own separate paragraph.
  2. Here are some videos to help you with your topic sentences & supporting detailsclick here —>Topic Sentences & Supporting Details AND Supporting Details
  3. Last day’s homework – Topic: Should students be rewarded for their effort.  Choose 1 side from your brainstorm ideas (p. 17).  Select your top 3 points/reasons why. Put your points in order (#1- #3).

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