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   Oct 16

ENGLISH 9 – 2.1

HOMEWORK: Due Wednesday

  1. Writing Text – read p. 26-28 – Using Transitions
  2. Writing Pkg – do Practice Ex. #6 – recognizing transitions
  3. Jrnl #3 – Are you a fair/just person?  Explain with 3 reasons. (1 paragraph response) Fill in the BLT outline worksheet with your own ideas. Focus on a good Topic Sentence for your Introduction (top slice of bread) and your Concluding Sentence (bottom slice of bread).  The supporting details or middle of your BLT (3 paragraphs) can be in point form, but the points should be clear examples/reasons to explain your topic.  You will be writing your first draft next class using your outline, so if the more complete your outline, the easier it will be to write your draft.
  4. Here’s a video that sums up the parts of a “hamburger” paragraph — click here —> Parts of a Hamburger Paragraph AND another video on unity/coherence —> Transitions


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