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   Oct 16

ENGLISH 8 – 1.4/2.3

HOMEWORK: Due Wed/Thurs

  1. LP #3-5
  2. Setting PkgRead & highlight the next story “Zlateh the Goat” AND do Qs. #1-4 on a separate page, title, name/date/block, & leave space to be able to add to your answers.
  3. Here’s an audio version of the story if you want to listen & read along — click to listen —> “Zlateh the Goat”
  4. Notebook – new Setting worksheet = p. 7.  Fill in the worksheet (3 squares: Time, Place, Mood) for the story “Zlateh the Goat”
  5. Here’s video to help you even more with setting — click here —> Setting: How it impacts Characters & Plot AND Flocabulary: Setting Rap/Song

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