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   Oct 10

ENGLISH 11 – 1.3/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Tues/Wed

  1. Jade Peony” – p. 109-117 – Qs #4-9
  2. “Jade Peony” Story Notes
  3. Journal #3 – Jade Peony – Discuss an experience(s) when you’ve felt caught between 2 or more cultures – your own & the majority/main stream.  How did/does it feel?  You can choose to focus on one particular experience or you can discuss them overall with references/examples that are specific to you.  If you have NO experience with this, then talk to people – family, friends – who have been through or are going through this. DOUBLE SPACED, IN PEN, MULTI-PARAGRAPH.
  4. Here’s a video to get you thinking about acculturation & assimilation & Journal #3 — click here —Acculturation/Assimilation

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