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   Oct 03

ENGLISH 11- 1.3/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Wed/Thurs

  1. Miss Brill” – song lyrics handout Qs – 
  2. Watch and read the lyrics to this song because we’re going to be talking about the song and “Miss Brill” —> Click here —> “Brick by Boring Brick” AND “Miss Brill” video summary
  3. Story notes & Story Map sheet for “Identities” AND “Miss Brill” – will be collected
  4. Journal #2 – Empathy Journal – write from Miss Brill’s POV (1st person) after she gets home from the park and puts away her fur.  You can write either right after she gets home, a day later, a week later, or even a year later, just be clear in your writing when it is.  Consider who she is (character analysis) and how she sees herself and the world.  How might she react, feel, behave after what happened?  Does she have an epiphany and change her life, or does she continue living in her fantasy, make-believe world?  Does she go back to the park or not?  Become Miss Brill and write as if you were her.  Try to understand her, empathize with her, and share what she’s going through.  This is partially a creative response, but it is based on the author’s depiction of Miss Brill. Multi- paragraph, double spaced, in pen, etc.

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