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   Nov 30

ENGLISH 9 – 2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Friday

  1. LP #10-  Review – Unit #1 Test next week on Friday!
  2. Reading Goals sheet
  3. Journal #1– My Values- 2nd draft -make sure you get your edited
  4. Friendship – Check the last post so you answer all the required questions.
  5. Journal #2 – What is Friendship – Using your answers, write a multi-paragraph response in pen, double spaced, in your journals.  This is how you should structure your ideas: Intro: What is your definition of friendship.  Describe Aristotle’s definition.  Body: Connect & compare your friends to Aristotle’s definition.  Connect & compare yourself as a friend to Aristotle’s definition.  Conclusion: Connect & sum up/discuss all the ideas – your definition, Aristotle’s, you & your examples of friends.
  6. Here are some videos to help you think more about friendship **see last post for more**  — click here –>  Friendship & Vulnerability , “What about your friends” – TLC
  7. Click on Eng 9 Tab for Paragraph Structure Basics & Outline if you need it

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