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   Nov 22

ENGLISH 9 – 2.3


  1. LP #1-3
  2. Journals– Get a journal notebook! Your journals MUST be at least 1 page page (200-250 words), double spaced and in PEN!  You should are writing this journal for class, so you should be writing more formally than how you would write to your friends and more formally than how you speak – avoid slang, write in complete sentences, organize your ideas. ALSO, you should be trying to write MULTI-PARAGRAPH responses – Introduction (briefly talk about the subject & state your points), Body paragraph – discuss each point with examples & reasons, Conclusion – finish off your ideas by summing up.  FYI – 1 sentence is not a good paragraph!!  We will be working on writing and you will be learning more about this structure, but you must attempt to do this even for this first journal. 
  3. Journal #1 – What are your top 3-5 values?  Why these values?  Where did you get them from – family, religion, culture, friends, experiences, media, society, etc.?  Discuss each of your values & explain how and why each is an important value to you.  And please make sure you say more than – it’s important because I believe in it and I think it’s important. DUH!
  4. Here are the videos I showed in class in case you need to review them —click here –> What Are Values?Values vs. GoalsWhat Matters Most in Life?

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