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   Nov 22

ENGLISH 11 – 1.2/2.2


  1. Story Map – “Just Lather, That’s All”
  2. Prep for debate – Is the barber a coward  or a hero for not killing Torres when he had the chance?  Mark & find evidence for BOTH SIDES because you don’t know what side you’ll be on AND because it will help you to know what the other POV might argue for your preparation.
  3. Journal #10 – Coward or Hero? – Is the barber a hero for holding back and not acting on his feelings or a coward for not killing Torres when he had the chance?  Explain with details/examples from the story.  What do the choices of the barber & Torres tell you about human nature?
  4. Narrative Presentations are coming up – Theme, Setting, Other Techniques #2 – Symbolism, Foreshadowing, Flashback, Allusion, Flashback – Use the handout with the requirements!  And here are some videos to help — click here —> Importance of Setting? ; How to find ThemeSymbolismAllusionSymbolism, Foreshadowing, Flashback, and others using Disney

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