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   Nov 16

ENGLISH 8 – 1.2/1.1

HOMEWORK: Due Friday/Monday

  1. LP #24, 41, 29 (Nouns, pronouns, verbs)
  2. “Southpaw” Qs – Interpreting #3-8; Critical Thinking #10; Building Skills #1-3 (FYI-#3 goes onto the back of the page) -all questions should be answered on a separate piece of paper that is titled with your name/date/block AND make sure you leave 1-2 lines blank after each answer so you can add to what you came up with.
  3. “Southpaw” – Here’s a link to the full story —– CLICK HERE—> SOUTHPAW -by J. Viorst
  4. “Southpaw” – start to analyze both characters.  What are they feeling?  What’s the conflict?  How would they sound if they were reading out their responses?  Practice how both characters would sound in their heated exchange.  Start to prepare for the class oral/read aloud. WATCH the following video to help you figure out how you can use your voice to express different ideas —click here —> What’s Subtext?  AND Using Subtext to express ideas

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