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   Nov 14

ENGLISH 10 – 1.3/1.4


  1. IDENTITY PROJECT – DUE! Everyone will hand in their project AND  we will begin the presentations.  I don’t want posters!  If you’ve already done it on a poster (BOOOO!) fine, but as I explained SEVERAL times, I am planning to keep these projects for you until gr. 12.  Posters take up awkward space & you’re NOT going to want a poster when you’re in gr.12.  Find another way to show your project – book(let), pages in an album, pages in a memory box, time capsule, a diary, etc.
  2. ORAL PRESENTATION – Please read the instructions/information for the presentation.  Whichever option you choose, you will ALL be presenting your(self) project for about 2 mins – either 25-30 secs each for all 5 assignments OR 1 min. for 2 assignments in detail.
  3. LP Unit #1 – If we have time on Thursday, you’ll do your test & hand in your workbook for a completion mark.  If not, then the test & workbook check will be on Monday.
  4. UNIT QUEST – you’ll have multiple choice, 25 Q test on Monday on all the readings in this unit – poems, stories, speech – so review your story maps, Qs/As, Lit Circle sheets, and narrative terms.

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