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   Nov 04

ENGLISH 11 – 1.2/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Tues/Wed

  1. SOCRATIC CIRCLE Discussion- the discussion is based on the 4 readings & story “Totem” – all Aboriginal focused readings 
  2. Narrative Presentations – we’ve finished the next 3 stories, so time for part 2 presentations: Conflict, POV, Other Techniques Pt. 1.  Get started, you’ll be going next week on Mon/Tues
  3. Block 1.2 – many of you mentioned that you didn’t properly prepare for the discussion & would like another chance. We had a good discussion and I would have liked more time to develop your ideas, SO if you want another round of the discussion next class, come prepared.  Click the tab above for the handout, focus on ONLY the Aboriginal readings AND make sure you have read & done the homework below.  Majority rules, so depending on the class we will or will not have another circle discussion. If your original sheet was complete and you do NOT need to add or redo it, then you can just use that sheet; I will return them to you.
  4. Journal #7 – “Totem” & Satire – click on English 11 tab above for more info
  5. Behind the Headlines” -p. 137 – Read, Story Notes, Reading Quiz
  6. Terms Quiz

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