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   Nov 03

ENGLISH 11-1.2/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Thurs/Fri

  1. Totem” – Reading  Quiz, Story Notes, Qs #3-6, 8, 11 AND 7a) List out what the totem could symbolize. 7b) List out what the noises could symbolize. 7c) & 9 –
  2. Socratic Circle Discussion – prepare notes for the discussion using the 4 readings & the story “Totem”.  You shouldn’t be writing out paragraph responses for each section.  Instead you’re writing notes for yourself to guide & remind you during the discussion. 
  3. Narrative Terms Quest #1 – next week
  4. Here’s another example of SATIRE — click here —> iFhone 8 Satire


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