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   Dec 12

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3

HOMEWORK: Due Friday LP – Unit #2 – Review pages – do this in multiple steps: 1. Do all the questions you know without any help 2. In a different colour, look back to the lessons and finish all the questions you skipped in step 1. 3. In class, using a third colour, mark and […]

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   Nov 21

ENGLISH 9 -1.3

HOMEWORK: Due Thurs LP #11-13 Values Pkg – Critical Thinking – write a response to the quote at the end -what does it mean, do you agree, etc. Critical Thinking Links – read, watch, do the quizzes Article: Jordan Peele’s Obama Fake News Quiz: Can you Spot the Real Fake News? Quiz: 2 Fakes & […]

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