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   Oct 09

ENGLISH 11 – 2.1/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Friday LATE WORK – Written Response – overcoming fear; EQs, First They Came poem.  Here are the 3 videos I showed in class Elie W. & Oprah at Auschwitz Interview The Power of Words – Amnesty International Lessons from Auschwitz: The Power of Words NIGHT – Chp. 1 Read Do Qs Do Vocab Chapter 1 […]

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   Sep 24

ENGLISH 10 – 2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Wed LPN-  $10 “Jim Crow” – worksheet package – read, highlight, and DO ALL exercises Here’s a longer video that explains more about Jim Crow “Jim Crow & America’s Racism Explained“ Late work – Yvan, Stephen, Cory, Briley, Gabriela x 2, Ben – Yellow terms sheet and/or Essential Questions written response

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   Sep 17

ENGLISH 10 -2.4

HOMEWORK: Due THURS Language Power Now (LPN)  workbook – $10 LATE WORK: – Intro EQ’s sheet – written response – pen, paragraph structure Yellow Terms sheet – categorize in chart Slavery Intro sheet – Finish Qs on front side Fill in the chart on the back: Right & Wrong Be prepared to discuss your ideas

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   Feb 27

ENGLISH 11 – 1.1/2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Wed   Late work – Veteran Postcards & War Consequences Journal  Elements of Essays text- p. 342 – “Thanks for Not Killing My Son” Qs – #1-3; #1 & 3; #1-4; #3–>will be discussed/debated in class

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   Jan 14

ENGLISH 10 – 1.4/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Tues/Wed Journal #9 – Discuss how your family has impacted your personality and identity. POV sheet – be prepared to share your group’s ideas on how the POV you had impacted the story about the Ant & Grasshopper. Consider what we know and feel about both Ant and Grasshopper in your particular POV […]

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