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   Mar 13

ENGLISH 10 – 2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Tuesday, March 31st Identity Journal #1 – “Personal Identity” In proper essay form (Intro/Body/Conclusion), 200-300 words (min. 1 page double spaced) Double-spaced, in PEN Discuss what is YOUR definition of personal identity. Provide examples, reasons, and examples from your My Identity Chart, the poems we’ve read, and your life. Identity Journal TIPS Make […]

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   Nov 06

ENGLISH 10 -1.4/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Wed/Thurs LP #4-7 Identity Web – write in as many ideas that you can come up with that contribute to who you are Identity Project – read through all of the assignment options and ** star ** any that you would consider doing & note any questions you might have about them The […]

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