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   Mar 13

ENGLISH 10 – 2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Tuesday, March 31st

  1. Identity Journal #1 – “Personal Identity”
    1. In proper essay form (Intro/Body/Conclusion), 200-300 words (min. 1 page double spaced)
    2. Double-spaced, in PEN
    3. Discuss what is YOUR definition of personal identity. Provide examples, reasons, and examples from your My Identity Chart, the poems we’ve read, and your life.
  2. Identity Journal TIPS
    1. Make an outline like you did for your Compassion Essay
    2. Read my example Identity Journal
    3. Watch the following video
      1. Basic Essay Structure
  3. Reading Pkg – “The Friday Everything Changed”
    1. Read, highlight, notes in the margins
    2. Complete all the questions to the best of your understanding

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