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   Feb 27

ENGLISH 11 – 2.1/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Fri/Tues Lit Circle #6 (2nd to last one!) “The Other Hell” article Read, highlight, write in notes Come up with 3 discussion questions based on the article Watch the following videos and consider what could and should be done for our soldiers? Shake Hands with the Devil – trailer CBC News: The PTSD […]

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   May 10

ENGLISH 11- 1.1/2.4

HOMEWORK: Due TUES/ WED “Jade Peony” Story Notes sheet Newspaper Article: Read, follow instructions, answer Qs. We will be discussing the article and using it as a part of the next journal. Block 2.4 – Double spaced, pen, TAG it. – Journal #2: Considering Choy’s story “Jade Peony” and Saunders article on multiculturalism, discuss what […]

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