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   Apr 24

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3

HOMEWORK: Due Thursday

  1. Your Final Assessment – Themes and Story Connections will be due on THURSDAY. You will need to write your answers in PEN. You need to write the title of the story you’re connecting the theme to and then explain, specifically how the story connects directly to the theme. Take your time and do this well so I can see how well you understood each of the stories.
  2. Fahrenheit 451 
    1. Anticipation Guide – write your paragraph in PEN please!
    2. Start reading
  3. Banned Books poster – Due Tuesday – Find a book that you have read & know that has been banned or challenged. Note down WHEN, WHERE, and WHY the book was banned/challenged.
    1. Here are some links100 books that have been challenged in Canada
    2. 8 Most frequently banned kids books
    3. Video – Banned & Challenged Children’s books
    4. Banned or Challenged Books by year

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