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   Apr 18

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3

HOMEWORK: Due Tuesday

  1. Could It Really Happen? Assignment – you will be sharing your research assignment ideas with the class. You must have your information TYPED or in PEN double spaced. You should present it in Questions & Answer format – #1a, #1b, #2, etc. 
  2. You CANNOT do any of the following future tech ideas because students have ALREADY done them: 
    1. Sophia the Robot
    2. AI-led automatic device
    3. Super fast trains (760km/hr)
    4. NeuroLife chip
    5. Hoverbike
  3. Your Final Assessment – Themes and Story Connections will be due on THURSDAY. You will need to write your answers in PEN. You need to write the title of the story you’re connecting the theme to and then explain, specifically how the story connects directly to the theme.

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