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   Apr 16

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3


  1. Group Theme – you WILL be PRESENTING your group theme poster, so you MUST come with all of your ideas ready to just WRITE them onto the poster. You are trying to connect your 1 theme to each of the 5 stories & the 2 poems.  
  2. Could it Really Happen?DUE! You need to type or write (pen, double space) your info for each of the elements.
    1. You can write this in “question/answer” form – ex. #1a, #1b, #2, for all 4 Qs/requirements. 
    2. You will be presenting/sharing your info in small groups and handing in the written work. It would be helpful to have a simple picture or print off of your future tech, if it’s possible. 

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